Re: ValuJet flight 592 (DC-9-32) crash near Miami on Saturday, May 11

From:         Michael Carley <>
Organization: Dept. of Maths, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
Date:         27 May 96 13:35:36 
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I'm in the US on holidays at the moment and caught an interview
with someone from the NTSB (I think) who was saying that she had
stopped flying with ValuJet some time before because of their
safety record. Apparently, the numbers were printed in the
'Cleveland Plain Dealer' and were enough to put her off VJ and
two other airlines which she declined to name. 'USA Today'
published some accident rates a few days ago and VJ's were not
impressive. On the other hand, I don't trust 'USA Today' on
anything else so maybe this is allll rubbish.
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