Re: What happened to the BA146?

From: (Corey Lewis)
Organization: Edith Cowan University
Date:         25 May 96 14:40:20 
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-> (Tim Long) wrote:
->I seem to remember around 1982 or so, PSA (later merged into USAir)
->started flying the BA146. Lots of bragging about being the quietest
->commercial jet aircraft flying at the time.I know they're still marketed
->as the Avro RJ 100 or some such, but why so few of them? They would only
->be 14 years old or so; you would expect them to still be flying/common.
->What caused them to not become popular? Reliability? Cost of maintaining 4

I don't know if the situation in the US is a lot different to that over here
in Australia, but over here carriers are still operating with the BAe 146.
Some af the carriers are also using the Avro RJ series A/C, mainly the RJ 70s.
It could just be an economical reason as to why US carriers are not using the
A/C anymore. The main carriers using them here are regional ones, with the
domestic airlines Ansett and QANTAS using a couple each. (don't quote me on
Ansett and QANTAS).

Corey Lewis