Re: What happened to the BA146?

From: (alain arnaud)
Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
Date:         25 May 96 14:40:19 
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Stefano Pagiola ( wrote:
: (Tim Long) wrote:
: >I seem to remember around 1982 or so, PSA (later merged into USAir)
: >started flying the BA146. Lots of bragging about being the quietest
: >commercial jet aircraft flying at the time.I know they're still marketed
: >as the Avro RJ 100 or some such, but why so few of them? They would only
: >be 14 years old or so; you would expect them to still be flying/common.
: >What caused them to not become popular? Reliability? Cost of maintaining 4
: >engines?

	As of a couple of years ago, United/Air Wisconsin was flying them
	on the Denver - Aspen route.

	It was not the only jet allowed at Aspen, as you would see
	on the apron private Lears and other business jets and maybe a 737.