Re: ValuJet flight 592 (DC-9-32) crash near Miami on Saturday, May 11

From: (Oliver Raff)
Organization: University of Stuttgart, IND (Germany)
Date:         25 May 96 14:40:19 
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Robert Dorsett ( wrote:
> My opinion of general media news coverage has reached a new low.  Two days
> from now, there will be no coverage, unless the salvage effort produces some
> pretty pictures or human drama.

It's the same reaction as we had here  with the German media after the
Birgenair crash off the Domrep coast. Although NO-ONE knows the cause
of the accident all reports and articles and so called documentations
in ALL media claim that it is unsafe to fly a 'cheap' airline. This might
be even true, but it has absolutly nothing to do with this particular crash.
While the accident cause of the Birgenair crash is still not offical -
I couldn't make out any evidence that is was due to the lack of maintenance -
there is another 'documentation' on German television this week which flames
about low-fare holidays in general and Birgenair in particular.
It is astonishing (or maybe not) how the media coverage of both the
Birgenair and the Valuejet crash are exactly the same.
(I did see CNN, NBC and ABC news coverage in Germany but did not read any
American newspaper.)

My opinion of general media news coverage cannot reach a new low -
it doesn't go any lower...
But at least there're the newsgroup were you can get opinions of people
that know better.


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