Re: DC-9 Flight Control

From:         "Niels M. Sampath" <>
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Date:         25 May 96 14:40:19 
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> I have never heard of a DC-9 losing all hydraulic power since
> each engine has it's own pump in addition to an electrically powered
> aux. pump. The APU can also be run in flight and can supply electric
> and pneumatic power. The apparent total loss of control of the
> Valuejet aircraft hopefully will be discovered, but loss of systems
> doesn't explain why it would just fall out of the sky.
> P. Danclovic

That reminds me of another DC-9... the Southern a/c in the `70s
that lost power on both engines (and windscreen shattered I believe) due
to hail stones.
Almost made it onto a road  but for a gas station......