Allegro DC9 Incident

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Date:         25 May 96 14:40:18 
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>From the Dallas Morning News, May 15, 1996

Tampico, Mexico -  A charter plane from Florida with 47 people aboard made
an emergency landing short of the runway Tuesday apparently after running
out of fuel, an aviation official said.

Four people were slightly injured.

All 43 passengers aboard Allegro Airlines Flight 401, bound for the Mexican
resort of Cancun, were from the United States, airline officials said.
The nationalities of the four crew members were not immediately known.

Marisol Lopez, a duty officer at the Tampico airport dispatching office,
said the DC-9 jet "apparently ran out of fuel, but this has not been
confirmed and is being investigated."

"The plane pancaked about 200 meters short of the main runway." she said.

The plane had picked up passengers in Miami and Orlando before heading
for Cancun, a resort on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula.  There was no
explanation why the plane landed at Tampico, a port city on the Gulf of
Mexico several hundred miles west of Cancun.

Allegro service manager Eduardo Alfaro de la Torre told the government
news agency Notimex in Cancun that the plane "apparently suffered excessive
fuel consumption."

Mr. de la Torre was quoted as saying  the plane's fiberglass nose was
damaged ant that the plane could not continue flying.  He said the company
was sending another plane to pick up the passengers.

Does anybody know anything more about this?  I flew an Allegro B727 three
weeks ago on a charter from DFW to Cozumel.  The flight was un-eventful.
It is apparently a Mexican charter airline with a Mexican crew.  A string
streched across my globe from Florida to Cancun shows that there are closer
places to land (Cuba, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Merida, Cancun) if your plane
is suffering from "excessive fuel consumption." (whatever that implies)
How much free booze would it take for you to get on another Allegro
airplane in Tampico to continue your holiday?

Ray Clawson