Re: FT: Virgin interested in Superjumbo

From: (Rick Hughes)
Organization: iiNet Technologies (Perth, Western Australia)
Date:         25 May 96 14:40:17 
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Suren Ratwatte <> wrote:

>To the best of my knowledge, even though Airbus claims a common type
>rating for the 320/330/340 series, no airline operates it as such.
>Lufthansa does it with certain limitations I believe, don't know any
>I fly the A300-600 and 310-300. Practically identical flight decks, same
>engines and really no difference in handling.
>The way most airlines work their scheduling request systems, it's very
>unlikely that the situation would arise.

Cathay have been operating the A330 and A340 under a common type
rating for nearly 12 months now.  A good proportion of crew are now
"Cross Crew Qualified" and flying both the A330 and A340 in normal
"Mixed Fleet Flying" line operations.

A pilot can crew an A340 say Zurich to Hong Kong one day, then operate
an A330 from Hong Kong to Taipei the next (or any other pattern flown
by these types).  The only limitation involves flying one type only in
any one flying duty period, and the obvious licensing requirements for
type recency, line checks etc.

Rick Hughes
Western Australia