Re: Status of Maine 1649 Connies?

From: (Louis A. Ramsay )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         25 May 96 14:40:17 
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In <airliners.1996.721@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Mark
Meltzer) writes:
>Does anyone know what the status of Maine Coast Airlines Lockheed 1649
>Connies is?  I've heard that they have two near Portland Maine and one
>in Fla. where it made an emergency landing en-route to join the others
>in Maine. Are they being maintained?  Any palns for future flights?
>Thanks for any info.

     Main Coast Airways owns the three L-1649's.  Two of them are at
the Auburn-Lewiston Airport in Maine and the third is at Sanford, FL.
Maine Coast is in the process of refurbishing the two aircraft in Maine
with the intention of putting them on the airshow circuit if sufficient
backing is obtained.  The aircraft will be refurbished in any event,

     The third Starliner at Sanford, FL is awaiting a engine change.
The engine change being delayed due to lack of available R3350-TC
engines.  These engines were used in the L-1649's and also the DC-7
aircraft.  If anyone has any leads as to location of any of these
engines it would be greatly appreciated if you could forward the
information to me.