Re: [Q] what is the energy consumption of several airliners ?

From:         Tony Maddern <>
Organization: University of New South Wales
Date:         23 May 96 10:37:32 
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On a long sector such as Los Angeles to Hong Kong the 747-400 uses
160K kilograms of fuel carrying 400 passengers over the 12000
The fuel used is kerosene.
>From memory, assuming 4 people to a car a fleet of 100 cars carrying
the same 400 people over the same distance would use more fuel. Your
figures appear to me to be pessimistic but I would be interested in
your final conclusions.
Info on emissions can be obtained from Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney or
General Electric. There is currently a lot of pressure and competition
to produce clean burn engines as environmental concerns and future
emissions legislation are now a factor in an airline's engine
selection procedure.