Re: What happened to the BA146?

From:         David Lednicer <>
Organization: Analytical Methods, Inc.
Date:         23 May 96 10:05:37 
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> What caused them to not become popular? Reliability? Cost of
> maintaining 4 engines?

The BAe 146 is still sold as the Avro 146.  However, they have a huge
fleet of unsold aircraft that are out on leases, plus all of USAir's
aircraft are parked out in the desert.  The operating cost of the 146
is rumored to be very high, in part due to engine reliability problems.
I once talked to an AirCal mechanic who told me some real horror stories
as to how many engines they were changing a week.  I have also heard that
when USAir took over PSA, they stripped the paint off the 146s, and
operated them in a natural metal scheme, totally ignoring the fact that
they were removing the corrosion protection.  Hence, the aircraft in the
desert will take a lot of rework to make them usable.

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