Re: What happened to the BA146?

From: (Kevin Trinkle)
Organization: The PSA History Page
Date:         23 May 96 10:05:34 
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  or MIME structure (Tim Long) wrote:
>I seem to remember around 1982 or so, PSA (later merged into USAir)
>started flying the BA146. Lots of bragging about being the quietest
>commercial jet aircraft flying at the time.I know they're still marketed
>as the Avro RJ 100 or some such, but why so few of them? They would only
>be 14 years old or so; you would expect them to still be flying/common.
>What caused them to not become popular? Reliability? Cost of maintaining 4

PSA started taking delivery of their 146s in 1984 (I have a promotional
brochure about it, boasting proudly about the 'Smiliner'). They started
having a few problems on the engines (they constantly were being trucked
from the hangar at SAN to the Airmotive facility, 15 miles away. PSA's
dedicated BAe mechanics even admitted the engines were 'crap'.)

USAir continued to operate the 146 on the old PSA routes until 1991, when
they shut down the entire network. All the 23 remaining 146s were parked
in Mohave, where 15 still sit.

Most of the 8 that USAir sold are out of the USA, however ASA's first
BAe-146 (N812AS) is an ex-PSA aircraft, as well as the two that Jet Aspen
will be using when they start up.