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From:         Vince Horan <Horan@bandce.demon.co.uk>
Organization: B&CE
Date:         23 May 96 10:05:31 
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My 'Surviving Old Airliners & Transports' is now located at URL

You will find lists of surviving Argosy, Boeing C-97, Bristol Freighter,
Britannia, Carvair, some DC-3s, Electra, Martin 404, Antonov An-8 & An-
12, Vickers VC-10 plus some pictures of these, plus some other pictures.

More types to come on-line soon & more pictures soon!

Stop by, check my info out, if you have some sightings of old airliners
& transports then let me know.

Vince Horan    email: Horan@BandCE.demon.co.uk
Gatwick Aviation Society  http://www.totavia.com/hawkeye
Old Airliners http://www.totavia.com/hawkeye/aviation.html