Re: What happened to the BA146?

From: (A.C.)
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Date:         21 May 96 11:10:53 
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  or MIME structure (Tim Long) wrote:

>I seem to remember around 1982 or so, PSA (later merged into USAir)
>started flying the BA146. Lots of bragging about being the quietest
>commercial jet aircraft flying at the time.I know they're still marketed
>as the Avro RJ 100 or some such, but why so few of them? They would only
>be 14 years old or so; you would expect them to still be flying/common.
>What caused them to not become popular? Reliability? Cost of maintaining 4

The aircraft is a really nice aircraft.  Quiet, roomy, good all around
aircraft.  However the maintenance is the biggest problems that it
has.  Many parts are hard to get, expensive, and with 4 engines you
have 4X as many problems.  Sense there are few around and flying,
parts are not in great demand.  Sometimes it takes some time to get
those parts.  Unlike a 737.

The next problems is the speed and cruise performance.  Burns alot of
gas for 100 seats.  Not the fastest aircraft around either.

MX and just plain operating cost is the big problems with the
aircraft!  That is why so many people have dropped the aircraft.