Re: Mothballed Airliners and other aircraft

From: (Michael Miller)
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Date:         21 May 96 11:10:51 
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I was recently in Tucson Arizona, and saw two major aircraft storage

1) Pima(?) facility at Marana is NW of Tucson, and is visible in the
distance from Interstate 10.  My parents tried to get in once, and were
turned away at the gate.
2) Davis-Monthan AFB has a great number of aircraft stored, and publicly
accessable roads running by and through the base allow you to see many of
these aircraft.  At one point I saw around 20 F-14s, 30 F-15s, and (it
seemed like) over 500 F-4s in storage (I also saw F-4s flying around D-M).
  At another point you can see the "boneyard"; I recognized parts of
numerous DC-6s and B-57s, and (for some strange reason) a bunch of city

While you're in Tucson, be sure to check out some other interesting
1) Arizona Air Guard operates F-16s out of Tucson International (looked
to be 50-55 aircraft); they were running quite active operations one
Wednesday morning when I was waiting to fly out.
2) Pima Air Museum, near D-M AFB, has the best collection I've seen,
other than the Air Force Museum at Dayton.  They have an especially good
collection of large transports.

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