Re: Mothballed Airliners and other aircraft

From: (Conly  David)
Organization: University of Colorado at Boulder
Date:         21 May 96 11:10:51 
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Geoff Moran ( wrote:
: I would be gratefull for any information relating to aircfaft graveyards
: in the United States containing thousands of civilian and military aircraft
: no longer used. In particular I would like to know if they can be visited
: by the general public, and if so, where are they? Are the aircraft
: accessible? My son and I think these sites are aircraft heaven and if
: worthwhile would like to plan a trip.

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona is "the" graveyard for
the Air Force's planes (all of their planes.)  There is every kind of
aircraft there ranging from WWII propeller planes to 707's.  They offer
tourson the weekends which are really great.  They bus you around the
base and let you get out and run around the aircraft.  It is really
interesting!  You and your son would love it.  If you want more info just
write back!

David Conly

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