Re: [Q] what is the energy consumption of several airliners ?

From: (Alain Deckers)
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Date:         21 May 96 11:10:51 
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On 20 May 96 09:54:38 , C++ Freak <> wrote:

>For a letter to an environmental group in Holland I want to know the
>energy consumption and the exhaust of CO2, NOx and un or partially burnt
>fuel of airliners like :


>Anyway, can somebody help me with the data ?

It's been a long time since I last did any chemistry, and this doesn't
directly answer your question, but FWIW I'll quote some figures I have at
hand. According to the 1992 Annual Report (p. 52) of the BDLI (the German
Aerospace Industries Association), "anthropogenous emissions in the Federal
Republic of Germany" split up as follows by source:

                    CO2          UHC          CO          NOx
and District       34.7          1.9         0.6         27.7
Heating Plants

Industry           23.9         14.6        18.7         10.7

Private            24.2          6.8        21.5          4.3

Automobile         14.6         72.4        56.7         49.5

Civil Air           0.5          0.3         0.2          0.6

Traffic             2.1          4.0         2.3          7.2


CO2: Carbon Dioxide
UHC: Unburnt Hydrocarbons
 CO: Carbon Monoxide
NOx: Nitrogen Oxides

The source for these figures appears to be Deutsche Airbus. I have no idea
whether or not they make sense; I'm just reproducing them "as is"
(hopefully without any typo's). However, *if* these figures are correct, it
appears environmentalists can't really pin the blame for global warming on
the air-transport industry. ;)

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