An un-scientific survey (Airbus vs Boeing)

From: (John Witherspoon)
Organization: The American University
Date:         22 Jan 96 04:40:35 
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In article <airliners.1996.7@ohare.Chicago.COM>
Andrew Chuang <> writes:

>In this and other related newsgroups, most people seem to like Boeing's
>planes much better than Airbus's...

I just flew an Air France A340 (built May 1995) from Paris to Washington
and was amazed at the number of glitches during the flight.  We were
late departing because a cockpit computer refused to normalize -- we had
to be towed back to the gate so a technician could swap it out for another.
This on a plane that was already a substitute for another that couldn't
fly for some reason.

The cabin crew took forever to get the safety video rolling because of
some flaw in that system.  The passenger service "bell" chime rang every
few minutes throughout most of the flight, apparently as the result of
some malfunction.  A group of seats couldn't get audio through headphones
for a while.  Several passengers couldn't get their reading lights to
go on or off, in spite of repeated button-pushing by cabin crew.  Row
number lights were randomly burned out, as were the no-smoking lights
that were supposed to be lit above certain seats (granted, light bulbs
are normal wear and tear items, but they are apparently buring out faster
than they can be replaced -- this doesn't seem normal).

Any thoughts?