Re: DC Voltages

From: (Daniel J. Gradwohl)
Organization: Netcom
Date:         20 May 96 10:13:17 
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Rick Baker writes:
>I have a question about the 28VDC used on commercial aircraft.  Are
>there any special or unusual characteristics about this current?  I
>have a need to take the 28VDC and convert it to 12VDC in an aircraft,
>any ideas?


It depends upon what kind of plane you're talking about.  My plane
(B727-100 and -200) have a 28VDC system which is primarily used for
cockpit lighting.  There is a female plug on the right-side rear wall
of the cockpit (just below the APU panel) which has a 28VDC and a
120VAC label on it.  HOWEVER, we run the airplane at 400 cycles/freqs
so that might trash whatever equipment you plug into it.

Hope that helps,

Dan Gradwohl
Ryan International Airlines
B727 F/E IND