Re: DC Voltages

From:         Konrad Kelley <>
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Date:         20 May 96 10:13:17 
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In article <airliners.1996.668@ohare.Chicago.COM> , writes:
> I
>have a need to take the 28VDC and convert it to 12VDC in an aircraft,
>any ideas?
Hi, Rick

        I would go find an avionics shop that installs CD/tape players
in the late model Mooneys, or twin Cessnas, King Air's, etc. They
probably have something already worked out for this; maybe a FAA/PMA
commercial kit.
        If you are not going to draw a lot of amps (i.e. jumpstarting
an engine, running flap motors) , basically all that is needed is an
appropriately sized resistor to drop 16V out before you supply
whatever is is you're running. The more amps , the higher the wattage
rating of the resistor needed to dissapate the excess energy without
overheating and burning up.

                                        Konrad Kelley
                                A&P Mechanic, Aerospace Engineering