Re: FT: Virgin interested in Superjumbo

From: (Felix R. Villatuya)
Organization: School of Engineering & Applied Science, UCLA.
Date:         20 May 96 09:54:38 
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Michael Jennings ( wrote:
: In article <airliners.1996.655@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
: Alain Deckers <> wrote:
: >According to today's (8 May 1996) UK edition of the Financial Times,
: >"Virgin Atlantic has become the third airline to express a strong interest
: >in buying a double decker 'super-jumbo' aircraft capable of carrying more
: >than 500 passengers" (p. 7). The report also states that estimated
: >development cost for Boeing's 747-600X is $2 billion, while Airbus would
: >have to develop an all new aircraft at a cost of $8-12 billion.

	Will Virgin Atlantic simply add seats on the larger aircraft, or will
	they equip their aircraft with other "conveniences"?  Aircraft
	manufacturers have made mock displays of cabin layouts with gym
	equipment on board before.

Felix Rainier Villatuya

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