[Q] what is the energy consumption of several airliners ?

From:         C++ Freak <klaas@uniface.nl>
Organization: Knoware Internet
Date:         20 May 96 09:54:38 
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For a letter to an environmental group in Holland I want to know the
energy consumption and the exhaust of CO2, NOx and un or partially burnt
fuel of airliners like :

744 (747-400)
Fokker 100

compared to old noisemakers like:
DC-10 (first version release 1971)

According to the consumption of 180 tons full tank of a 744 which is enough
for 16 hours nonstop flight + 1 takeoff + 1 landing I obtained an average
power of 159 MW, that's 400 kW per passenger, using following formulas:
- Average formula of fuel is C8H18 (octane)
- Full combustion
- Using Hess law of chemistry of reaction heat forming H2O is 286 kJ/mol
  (upper value, water escapes as vapor) and CO2 is 406 kJ/mol.

When this 400 kW is true, that's a *lot* ! For shorter flights this is
even higher per mile or km, so that's why aviation is such a high
contribution to global warming.

Anyway, can somebody help me with the data ?