Re: Air France Smoking "Policy"

From: (John Witherspoon)
Organization: The American University
Date:         22 Jan 96 03:24:17 
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In article <> (R. Kalia) writes:

>In article <4d3s7j$>, says...
>>On a recent Air France A340 flight from Paris CDG to Washington IAD, I
>>noticed that the smoking section of the Tempo, or economy class, was in
>>the middle third of the cheap seats, leaving a non-smoking section between
>>the smokers and the aft area of the plane...
>Some months ago I read something about the ventilation on newer (and
>larger?) planes being such that the middle was the best place for the smoking
>section.  I am not sure I believe this, but it fits the fact that your
>experience was on an A340. Perhaps someone at sci.aeronautics will know
>about cabin ventilation?

Anybody know anything on this?