Re: T-Tailed aircraft

From: (Mark Leibelt)
Date:         13 May 96 02:08:48 
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>As for turboprops with t-tails, again, I imagine that the idea is to keep
>the stab out of harm's way from engine exhaust.  On that subject, a
>notable exception is the Shorts 330/360.  Does anyone know if the engine
>exhaust hitting the horizontal stab causes any structural problems??

When I flew the Box(Shorts 360 & 360AR) for Simmons(MQ) in the mid 80's we
had a few aircraft that went though a 10000 hour inspections and I can't
remember any problems with the tails from the engine exhaust.  The plane
was nice to fly if you could stand to look at it as you got into it.