Re: T-Tailed aircraft

From:         Ian Judge <>
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Date:         13 May 96 02:08:47 
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Jay Selman ( wrote:

: As for turboprops with t-tails, again, I imagine that the idea is to keep
: the stab out of harm's way from engine exhaust.  On that subject, a
: notable exception is the Shorts 330/360.  Does anyone know if the engine
: exhaust hitting the horizontal stab causes any structural problems??

Not to the horizontal stab but the exhaust that goes over the wing on
the right of each engine causes problems to the upper wing skin. Also
the aft fairing tends to corrode also due to the heat but not too

A mail carrier at Luton ( 7 years ago ) caused major disbonding of the
left fuselage side above the window line when a very wet start sprayed
flames down the side of an SD330.


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