What happens after "light" crash ?

From:         mezei_jf@eisner.decus.org (Jean-Francois Mezei)
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Date:         08 Jan 96 01:37:27 
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In the case of Tower Air, the crew supposedly decided that an evacuation was not
necessary since fire did not errupt immediately after the crash and they could
wait inside the plane instead of evacuating.

QUESTION: in the event of an incident such as the Tower Air (fully fueled, and
          probably leaking due to engine damage), if fire does not erupt
	  immediatly, is it safe to assume that it will not erupt at all ?

QUESTION: in the event of an incident such as Tower Air, is it safe to use any
	  of the plane's electrical systems (intercoms, lights etc) after it
          has been decided to stay indoors ? Or must FA and pilots use portable
	  equipment such as walki-talky and megaphones ?

QUESTION: Assuming that in such an incident , the pilots would not have
	  survived, would he plane's systems (engines, APU, generators etc)
	  automatically shutdown or would they continue to operate if
	  they were not damaged ?

QUESTION: In such an incident, I assume that some doors would have had to
	  be opened to provide fresh air while the whole plane was
	  waiting for the airstairs to arrive. How long can a fully loaded
	  747 go without any ventilation and all doors closed ?
	  When when they do open doors for ventilation, would they deploy
	  the slides, or disarm the mechanism ? In the later case, if
	  a door is opened without the slide, if slide needs to be deployed,
	  does this require that door be closed, mechanism armed and then
	  door re-opened ?