Re: 'Gas' used in tires of airliners?

From: (Jerome Dawson)
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Date:         22 Jan 96 03:24:17 
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>A friend of mine recently claimed that airliner tires are filled with
>a special gas not just with normal (compressed) air. Is this true? He
>claims that in this special gas nitrogen is replaced by helium to
>avoid some adverse effects if a tire should get too hot or even burn.

My understanding is that most tires are filled with 100% Nitrogen. I
haven't heard of helium being used. That would be a bit pricey I think.
And yes, a big reason is to help prevent in-flight tire fires due to
overheated brakes. The wheels usually incorporate "blow-out" plugs in
case tire pressure rises too high and inert gas helps prevent or slow
tire fires.

I seem to recall a Caravelle crash back in the sixties that was traced to
a tire fire and explosion.