Re: T-Tailed aircraft

From: (Andrew Sapuntzakis)
Organization: Motorola Inc
Date:         13 May 96 02:08:47 
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In article <>, (Ralf Philipp) writes:
>>I find it difficult to distinguish at a glance an A330
>>from a 767 / 777, a 737-400 from an A320, an A310 from a 757
>>or TU-204.
>I've found that the fastest way to tell if an aircraft is a Boeing or an
>Airbus is the top of the rear fuselage. If the top slopes down as towards the
>end of the aircraft, it's a Boeing; if it goes straight (parallell to the
>ground), it's an Airbus.

I don't know if the "top of the rear fuselage" test applies to the B777,
but it does work for the B767.

The B757 looks long and skinny.

Most (?) of the A320s have small non-trapezoidal winglets.

737-100, -200 : looong, skinny (low-bypass) engines
737-300 and up: Fat engines with flats on the bottom to accomodate
                low ground clearance. The "root" of the vertical tail
                starts further forward, and with a very shallow angle.


Andrew S.