Re: MD-80 vs. Super-80

From:         Doug Snow <>
Date:         13 May 96 02:08:46 
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On 9 May 1996, Scott D. Morris wrote:

> I've always wondered why American Airlines chooses to confuse things by
> referring to the MD-80 as a "Super-80". Yes before the MD-80 was known by
> that name it was the DC-9, Super 80, but that changed years ago. American
> needs to get in line with the times and become consistant with other carriers.
> Any comments??

The reason is that when McDonnell-Douglas first started the MD-80 project,
it was designated as the Super 80.  I somewhere still have some Douglas
publicity shots with Super 80 emblazoned all over the side of the

There is also a legal aspect as well - on the Type Data Certificate issued
by the FAA, all MD80s up to the MD-88 are known as DC-9-80 (MD-80), where
both elements are required.  DLs MD-88s on their Type data certificate are
known simply as an MD-88.  Even though most people know the "Super 80" as
an MD80, to the FAA its a DC-9-80 (MD-80).

Therefore, AA is 100% correct in calling their fleet of Super 80s, Super

Hell, Eastern called their fleet of DC9s Whisperjets, and there was
nothing quiet about em!  Airlines can call their aircraft pretty much
anything they so choose.

Douglas Snow                       
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