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Date:         13 May 96 02:08:44 
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  or MIME structure (George Darroch) wrote:

>I would be most grateful if I could have your input as to what advantages
>hush-kitting an aircraft carries
Many airports restrict some of the older and noisier jets.  I flew
into Washington National in an old Lear Jet, got delayed on the
ground, and had problems getting out because they have a night curfew
against loud airplanes.  That illustrates the biggest advantage to
getting a hush kit: increased access to airports.  The Feds have
requirements for most airlines to become quieter in stages over the
years so there is a legal incentive also.
> and a very rough guess-timate as to the
>idea of the cost that can be involved versus the projected savings.
Costs vary widely as you have guessed.  This is pure speculation, but
I think I heard numbers around 1.2 million for a refit on a Gulfstream
2 ( the G-2 is a typical business jet).  I would guess that the price
for an airliner would be around 2 or 3 million.

>What would be involved in fitting such a kit?  New fan blades,  possibly
>wing-lets or am I way off the mark?
The main concern is controlling the exhaust pattern.  While some hush
kits modify the intake almost all modify the tail cone in some way.