Engines for B747X

From:         Chuanga@cris.com (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
Date:         13 May 96 02:08:43 
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Last week, GE and Pratt announced a new joint venture to develop a
72K-84K lb-thrust engine for the ultra-long-range B747-500X and the
stretched B747-600X.  IMHO, GE probably had mis-sized the GE90
that they now have to develop a new engine for the proposed B747
derivatives.  However, it is puzzling why Pratt can't do it alone,
after all the cores for the PW4168 and the PW4084 are almost identical.
Nevertheless, the long-term financial implication of the joint venture
for the two engine companies is tremendous, and Rolls will have an even
tougher time to fight the two giants. Rolls says they will offer a
Trent 700 derivative for the new aircraft.

GE and Pratt have separately invited IHI and Mitsubishi to participate
in the new engine program.  I wonder where the Europeans are?!

BTW, Airbus has accused CFM for not willing to lower the engine price
on the A340.  As a result, Airbus could not be competive, and lost some
significant orders to Boeing.  OTOH, the three engine companies are
probably bleeding badly in competing the B777 engine orders.  This is
probably the biggest driver behind the GE/Pratt cooperation.

  H Andrew Chuang (chuanga@cris.com)