Hush Kits

From: (George Darroch)
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Date:         09 May 96 12:50:19 
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I would be most grateful if I could have your input as to what advantages
hush-kitting an aircraft carries and a very rough guess-timate as to the
idea of the cost that can be involved versus the projected savings.

I understand that one of the main reasons for fitting such kits to older
aircraft is to increase fuel efficency, reduce noise and apply more modern
drag reducing measures to ageing designs.  I may however be wrong.  :)

What would be involved in fitting such a kit?  New fan blades,  possibly
wing-lets or am I way off the mark?

Many thanks in advance for your help and I understand that any figures you
give may be very rough because there are so many different types of a/c,
kits and factors to include.


George Darroch  -