Re: 'Gas' used in tires of airliners?

From:         Ian Judge <>
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Date:         22 Jan 96 03:24:17 
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Christoph Bernhardt ( wrote:
: A friend of mine recently claimed that airliner tires are filled with
: a special gas not just with normal (compressed) air. Is this true? He
: claims that in this special gas nitrogen is replaced by helium to
: avoid some adverse effects if a tire should get too hot or even burn.

: Just wondering...

At BA we use nitrogen in all tyres as does everyone else.

I remember when I worked on an Aer Lingus SD360 seeing a graph that
calculated how much oxygen was in the tyre if compressed air was used
instead. Nitrogen is used because it is inert and fairly cheap as it
makes up 78 % of the atmosphere.


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