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From:         Doug Snow <dougie@mama.indstate.edu>
Date:         09 May 96 12:50:18 
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I am beginning to set up a page for the B727, something along the lines of
the L1011 page.  It should be operational this summer.

One goal I have is to have a complete production run on there, showing
last known disposition for each of the 1832 727s built.

Yeah, big project.  What I request is that if anyone has any cool B727
pictures that are on a webpage somewhere, to email the URL to me.

What I want to have is basic aircraft specs, production run, aircraft
accidents and incidents, some awesome B727 pictures, and anything else I
might think up.

Anyone know if the JP fleets or someother publication like that is on-line
somewhere I have missed?

Douglas Snow                                 dougie@mama.indstate.edu
Ex Northwest Arlns  ESE, MSP Ramp, Green Concourse - and misses EETP
Indiana University, Bloomington School of Law, Class of 2001!
Well I hope so anyway ;)