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Date:         09 May 96 12:50:17 
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>Yes before the MD-80 was known by that name it was the DC-9, Super
>80, but that changed years ago. American needs to get in line with
>the times and become consistant with other carriers.

American calls some of their aircraft Luxuryliners.  Eastern called
their L-1011s Whisperliners.  United departure boards at gates still
announce "A320 Friendship Service" (substitute the appropriate type).
It's all called marketing.  Super 80 sounds better than MD-80, so
American uses it.

(In fact, as discussed in this newsgroup in the past, American does
not operate many MD-80s -- according to the type certificate, most
of their "MD-80s" are in fact DC-9-82s, though some are DC-9-83s for
which I believe MD-83 is an FAA-approved alias.  Thus, to be truly
pedantic, Super 80 may be a more accurate moniker for most of the MD
twinjets than MD-80.)

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