Re: Transporting the Olympic Flame

From: (Richard N. Rea)
Organization: Brigham Young University
Date:         09 May 96 12:50:15 
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In article <airliners.1996.630@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Mark Mallory) writes:
>        Heard a news story this morning about the Olympic Flame arriving
>in Los Angeles, from where it will be carried across the country via a
>series of runners to the Olympic site in Atlanta.  The story mentioned
>that the Flame arrived at LAX on an airliner from Athens and was then
>carried to the LA Olympic site via helicopter.

>        Did they actually transport an open flame on an airliner?  If
>so, how were they able to get away with doing this, when there are


The olympic flame isn't lit until the runners arrive with the little hand-held
torch;  Don't confuse it with the torch that the runners will be carrying
across the country.  I'm not sure, but the actual olympic "flame" seems to be
a gas torch, so there isn't a fuel source until it is connected to the local