Re: Transporting the Olympic Flame

From:         musjnd@panther.Gsu.EDU (Jonathan Neal Deitch)
Organization: Georgia State University
Date:         09 May 96 12:50:15 
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  or MIME structure (Mark Mallory) writes:

>	Did they actually transport an open flame on an airliner?  If
>so, how were they able to get away with doing this, when there are
>numerous regulations prohibiting the carrying of hazardous/flammable
>materials aboard aircraft?

The Flame was encased in a safety lantern (and attached to a bulkhead)
for it's trip to the US on Delta's brand new Centennial MD-11 ...

All, I'm sure, within Billy Payne's line of sight for the whole trip ...

Cool paint job on that aircraft, that's for sure !

- Jonathan

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