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Date:         01 May 96 11:20:00 
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In article <airliners.1996.547@ohare.Chicago.COM>
"John O'Brien" <> wrote:

> and some don't. I know that in the late 70's the first
> designs of the 757 had a T-Tail but that this was later
> replaced by the normal fin and lower tail-plane.

Since the 757 is the replacement for the 727 airframe you are
probably referring to an early test bed or proof of concept airframe.
The 757 production aircraft has always been twin engines on the wing
and therefore no need for the T-Tail as you refer to it.

With stronger, quieter and more efficient engines available I seen no
technical or economic reason for a future design for a T-Tail jet airframe.
If the engines are mounted on the wings the aircraft is considerably quieter
than if the enignes are attached to the fuselage.

Perhaps some turbo-prop version....