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Date:         01 May 96 11:19:59 
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"John O'Brien" <> wrote:

>As airliners are all beginning to look alike and
>are hard to distinguish from each other, at least in
>the air at a distance, I was wondering
>why some manufacturers still make T-Tailed aircraft
>and some don't. I know that in the late 70's the first
>designs of the 757 had a T-Tail but that this was later
>replaced by the normal fin and lower tail-plane.

I think it's a function of aerodynamics and economy.  R/C gliders that
are built for manuevring performance often have T-tails while those
built for maximum lift (for scavenging thermals) have a fortizonatl
stab inline with the wings.  The horizontal stab riding in the main
wing's shadow creates less drag and thus probably is more fuel

>Also some more modern airliners have T-Tails,
>(Bae-146 or Avrojet, MD-80/MD-90)

Descendant of a DC-9 so it probably would have been too expensive to
redeisng considering the engines are iin the way.

>, ATR 40, (I think thats
>what this prop-plane is called), Fokker-100.

Descendant of the F-28

>I find it difficult to distinguish at a glance an A330
>from a 767 / 777, a 737-400 from an A320, an A310 from a 757

Easy. the 757 is long and skinny and the engines almost look as big as
the fuse!  The A310 looks more like the A300s and A330s (same fuse
cross-section) and a scaled up 737

>or TU-204.  Will there ever be another T-Tailed airliner
>after the current ones become obsolete ? I know its all
>economics now but I liked the days when VC10s, Tridents,

could be confused for a B-727 as a BAC 1-11 could be confused for a

>DC-8s,707s all looked distinctive and had...

These two and the Convair jets looked the same, except the 707 had
that probe on top of the tail.

>well a bit of character !

And let's not forget the Dassault Mercure that looked like a B-737
9don't think I've ever seen one).