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From: (Ralf Philipp)
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Date:         01 May 96 11:19:59 
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>Also some more modern airliners have T-Tails,
>(Bae-146 or Avrojet, MD-80/MD-90), ATR 40, (I think thats
>what this prop-plane is called), Fokker-100.

It really isn't an airliner, but the new C-17 has a T-Tail. I suspect this is
'cause it's a cargo aircraft, though.

>I find it difficult to distinguish at a glance an A330
>from a 767 / 777, a 737-400 from an A320, an A310 from a 757
>or TU-204.

I've found that the fastest way to tell if an aircraft is a Boeing or an
Airbus is the top of the rear fuselage. If the top slopes down as towards the
end of the aircraft, it's a Boeing; if it goes straight (parallell to the
ground), it's an Airbus.

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