Re: Flying Boats

From:         Walter Shepherd <>
Organization: K2ZPA
Date:         01 May 96 11:19:58 
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Tom Speer <> wrote:
>Walter E. Shepherd wrote:
>>...  I've devoured
>> most books on the subject and believe that the really great ones (Martin
>> 134 and Boeing 314's) are all long gone. ....
>I believe that the Smithsonian Air and Space magazine had an article in
>the last year or two about a MARS flying boat that is doing fire service
>duty in the US.  I think that would qualify as one of the great ones.

It certainly qualifies as one of the great flying boats for sure, but
I was referring to those built for luxury (i.e., state room) passenger
service.  I believe the Martin Mars was built for military service at
or near the end of WWII.  Since reading that Air & Space article, I've
been saying an extra prayer at bed time... hopin' those fire folks
take good care of 'em.  BTW: the fire duty was in British Columbia,
not the US.