Re: Canadair Regional Jet

From: (PETE)
Organization: University of California, San Diego
Date:         01 May 96 11:19:57 
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In article <airliners.1996.519@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
   tjk <> wrote:
>I am a full-time college student with a love for aviation, so last summer
>during my break I worked for Comair in Cincinnati.  While there I worked
>around and flew on the Canadair Regional jet many times and came to really
>like the aircraft.  I was wondering how pilots feel about the aircraft.
>Is it easy to fly?  Any quirks or problems? How does it fly compared to
>larger jet aircraft?

I fly for an airline that operates the CRJ, and have a bid in for a slot to
fly it.  It has great thrust to weight ratio, but not blazing fast cruise,
because of its high bypass fans.  It has a hard wing (no leading edge
devices), so it is somewhat runway hungry even though the high thrust to
weight helps.  Since it is an adaptation of a business jet, the wheel/tire
size is on the small side for a 50 seater and they wear out quickly.  Also,
I've heard that the vref for a no flap landing is only two knots below the max
tire speed, makes for a tough check ride.