Re: Does a 747 actually have a drop ceiling?

From: (Merlin Dorfman)
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Date:         01 May 96 11:19:56 
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Mary Shafer ( wrote:

: It's best when doing this, by the way, not to expostulate to your seat
: mate unless you know that person is interested.  Saying "Oh, look how
: the center bins sway" may evoke a feeling that the sky is falling in
: an uninformed seat-mate.  "Wow, watch that wing tip flex" will get a
: much more dramatic response, of course.

     In rough air on the 707 you used to be able to watch the engines
move in roll, pitch, and yaw relative to the wing.  (For some reason
it doesn't seem nearly so obvious on the current generation of
airliners.)  Again it was not advisable to point out the motion to
the person in the next seat.
                                   Merlin Dorfman