Transporting the Olympic Flame

From: (Mark Mallory)
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Date:         01 May 96 11:19:55 
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	Heard a news story this morning about the Olympic Flame arriving
in Los Angeles, from where it will be carried across the country via a
series of runners to the Olympic site in Atlanta.  The story mentioned
that the Flame arrived at LAX on an airliner from Athens and was then
carried to the LA Olympic site via helicopter.

	Did they actually transport an open flame on an airliner?  If
so, how were they able to get away with doing this, when there are
numerous regulations prohibiting the carrying of hazardous/flammable
materials aboard aircraft?  Was the Flame and it's fuel somehow enclosed in
an approved manner such as to render it "safe" ?  Was it hand carried and
tended to by a passenger, or carried in the baggage hold?  Or perhaps it
wasn't actually burning during the flight (although that would sort of
defeat the purpose of the whole thing).

	Just wondering how this was actually done.  You're not even
supposed to carry a BIC lighter on an airplane.