Re: Snow planning

From: (John Liebson)
Organization: ISFSI
Date:         22 Jan 96 03:24:15 
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"A. Kevin Rodriguez" <AKRodriguez@TASC.COM> wrote:

>So the idea would be to move the planes from these airports to places
>out of the storm?  The only way the airline could do this with no
>additional expense would be to depart with loaded planes and cancel
>incoming flights which could be revenue producing.

I take it you've never plowed snow? I say that because I feel you're
totally overlooking the problems and expenses of plowing, deicing,
etc., when aircraft are left at snowed-in airports.

Let me make it clear that I, personally, have never plowed an airport,
but have certainly plowed snow, and have ridden in airport plows while
they were clearing the field, etc. It is a serious, time-consuming,
expensive proposition to work around parked aircraft, and once that's
been done with the big equipment, smaller units, and even
hand-operated ones (sometimes referred to as "shovels") need to be
used, raising the time and costs still further.

Then you have to clear the snow off of the planes and deice them,
which, of course, causes still more problems.