Re: Engine shutdown on an A340

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         27 Apr 96 01:14:34 
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  or MIME structure (Francis JAMBON) writes on 22 Apr 96:

> I am not a "expert" but the auto-pilot of A320/A330/A340 can cope with an
> engine shutdown even just after take-off when the auto-pilot is engaged.

There is a publicity video from Airbus Industrie entitled "Progress in
Control" in which the late chief test pilot for Airbus, Gordon Corps,
demonstrates this feature in an A320 by putting the thrust lever on
one side to idle a few seconds after take-off and then sitting proudly
with his hands off the controls while the automated systems cope with
the situation. As Corps points out in the video, the automatic
compensation is so efficient that there is no noticeable deviation from
flight path or attitude other than a slight side-slip which he corrects
using the rudder pedals.

Presumably this requires the Flight Management and Guidance System (FMGS),
which incorporates auto-pilot and auto-throttle, and the Electrical
Flight Control System (EFCS) to act in concert.

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