Re: Does a 747 actually have a drop ceiling?

From: (Mary Shafer)
Organization: NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards CA
Date:         27 Apr 96 01:14:34 
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There's a book with "Cross Sections" in the title that shows the drop
ceiling in a widebody very clearly.

The drop ceiling in the DC-10 is particularly noticeable when taxiing
at O'Hare as the tarmac is just rough enough to excite the structural
modes of the aircraft and the various internal elements.  The drop
ceiling shimmies, while the center bins sway and the side bins bounce.
The ceiling also makes a rather high-pitched noise as the plastic
panels chatter against each other.

A good hard landing will also let you see that the drop ceiling isn't
integral to the fuselage, particularly if you're far enough aft of a
bulkhead to look up one of the aisles and be able to see the ceiling
and the aisle floor at the same time.

It's best when doing this, by the way, not to expostulate to your seat
mate unless you know that person is interested.  Saying "Oh, look how
the center bins sway" may evoke a feeling that the sky is falling in
an uninformed seat-mate.  "Wow, watch that wing tip flex" will get a
much more dramatic response, of course.

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