Re: Cruise Relief Pilots

From: (Ed Hahn)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Va.
Date:         27 Apr 96 01:14:32 
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Rolfe Tessem <> writes:

> I came in late on this thread, but isn't it true that, as far as the FAA
> in the U.S. is concerned, only the captain or pilot in command has to be
> type-rated? I understand that from a practical standpoint, the carrier is
> going to want the entire crew to be type-rated, but I don't believe this
> is the actual FAA requirement.

Actually, it depends on the carrier.  Some (most?) US airlines do not
give their FOs a Type Rating for DOMESTIC flights.  However, some
(most?) US airlines will type rate their FOs on those aircraft/crews
which may fly long international segments with relief pilots.  AA
certainly does.

This is so that someone who is type rated will always be at the
controls, such as when it's the Captain's turn to take a break.

But you are correct; the FAR does not require the FO to be type rated.


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