Re: Snow planning

Organization: All Things Schweinlike, Ltd.
Date:         22 Jan 96 03:24:15 
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I imagine they didn't fly the aircraft elsewhere because they had the
aircraft necessary to fly their other scheduled flights to/from other
cities on their routes. Having extras sitting in cities where there are
no flights for them to take would be of no use.

Also although many flight get delayed for long hours in bad weather,
eventually the weather lets up and then all those angry people had better
have a plane to take them where they were supposed to go hours before.

This is of course not taking into account maintenance checks that were
scheduled to be done at that station irregardless of weather and the
nightmare that would become Crew Scheduling if suddenly crews had to start
ferrying empty aircraft all over the system.

Although it may seem strange, it's much easier to leave them there, deice
after the storm and send them on their way.