Leasing company orders

From:         tiffany.tyler@man.ac.uk (Tiffany Tyler)
Organization: PREST- University of Manchester
Date:         27 Apr 96 01:14:31 
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I have a general question about orders placed by leasing companies.
Can anyone walk me through their acquisition strategies/criteria?
When ILFC places an order, for instance, do they already have the
leases lined up with the airlines, meaning that they buy what a
cash-strapped carrier cannot afford based on the airline's own needs?
Or do they do generic buying in anticipation of general market trends?
At the low end of the leasing market, I can understand a small company
owning 2 or 3 planes and leasing them out, say to charter companies,
to supplement seasonal capapcity requirements.  But the mechanics
behind an ILFC or a GE Capital are less clear to me, at least in terms
of how they make a specific equipment decision.  Help!