Re: AA & the Airbus A340

From: (Tiffany Tyler)
Organization: PREST- University of Manchester
Date:         22 Apr 96 01:24:03 
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>>>American Airlines will, if they order it, probably use the 777 on it's trans-
>>>-continental routes (American Airlines is one of the few airlines still using
>>>wide-bodies on these routes)

>>If you mean "transcontinental" as flights to LAX, SEA, SFO out of
>>EWR, IAD, JFK, then you are wrong because most of these flights use
>>767 or DC-10 widebodies.

I spent some time with AA in Dallas this past January, and frankly,
the speculation about a 777 acquisition for them seems misplaced.
They have been taking DC-10s out of service (selling one to
Continental) and concentrating the 767s on the widebody routes.  The
only aquisition decision their Fleet Transactions Office was concerned
about in January was the possible 727 replacements- and huushkitting
seemed the much more viable option.  Discussion of 777 was limited to
what I construed as wishful thinking.  The current fleet aquisition
strategy seems to be one of holding off and trying to make better use
of what they have- hence the tweaking of their expert computer system
for fleet allocation .  I would be really surprised to see them order
anything large for at least another year or 2.